Marketing at Point of Sale, Created by your Customers

Create coupons & promotions in-store for point-of-sale marketing. Entice customers to buy more, and watch your revenue grow.

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Point of Sale Value
Your Facebook posts are only seen by 2% of your followers. That would be the algorithm of Facebook working to your disadvantage because they hope you’ll feel pressure to buy sponsored posts. With KiWi, you bypass “sponsored posts” that only reach a generic audience all over the country. You connect with your customers, your community, at the point of sale. The value of this marketing tool cannot be matched.

Two young hipster guy sitting in a cafe chatting and drinking coWhy Kiwi Is for You & Your Business

KiWi Social WiFi is suitable for any business that offers free WiFi to their customers. Whether it’s a small craft shop, a club, a grocery store or mall, KiWi can help your place of business reach new potential customers like never before. By adding in-store pop-up coupons and promotions based on your custom analytics, you can create the ultimate marketing tool. At the point of sale.

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